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IN: Messiah IN Me and I IN Him

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IN  studies inductively and in depth all that God imparts to all who are in our Lord Jesus, called “Christ”—the Greek word for “Messiah” in Hebrew. 

Tracing the Messiah’s continuing Incarnation in the New Covenant people, IN moves though the New Testament, starting with the Gospels’ Incarnation of the Son, and Acts’ Inauguration of the Holy Spirit, and on through the Letters’ explanation of various, glorious aspects of the believer’s life in Christ, to Revelation’s message that informs and invites response.  Over and over, the Spirit of God explains that all that comes to the believer is due to being in Christ. This study explores that wealth.


The word “in” seems to be such a tiny and incidental preposition, and yet in Scripture, “in” is one of the most important disclosures in God’s revelation. How significant is the “in” found in these verses? 

  • I Cor. 15:22  “For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive…” 
  • Eph. 1:7  In Him we have redemption through His blood....” 
  • Col. 1:27  “Christ in you, the hope of glory….” 


What questions does IN consider?

  • What unifies the whole Bible? 
  • Who is the real Jesus?
  • Whose righteousness does God accept?
  • How does the Holy Spirit “indwell”?
  • What is mine if I am “in Christ”?
  • What is God’s eternal purpose?
  • Where are we today in God’s plan?
  • What are the Lord’s friends to be doing? 



                               IN  is great for group or personal study.


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IN  is the middle of three books in a Bible study series.


                                  ALL,  IN,  THEREFORE Bible Study Trilogy

  •  ALL  reveals that the Old Testament is all about Jesus, the Messiah, and He fulfilled all.  
  •  IN,   studies the glory of Messiah's enabling presence in everyone who believes in Him.
  •  THEREFORE  gives a panoramic view of what God has done for mankind, and how we should therefore live.



                       [Tanakh is the Hebrew term referring to the Old Testament.]


                             Buy all three books together at group discounts here.


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