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NEW RELEASE! Ready for orders!   “A eureka moment in slow motion—like the born again being born again!”… is how the author describes his realization that the Bible’s spiritual DNA is Jewish. Reading the Words of Jesus from the perspective of His Jewish audience is like putting on infra-red glasses: hitherto invisible spiritual hot spots miraculously emerge, and our Jewish Messiah stands before us with ever-increasing clarity.   

This book’s strength is that the author approaches this subject with honesty and understanding for the reservations—even suspicions—the sincere enquirer may have when daring to take the plunge and give this whole “Jewish thing” a go. Russ Constant believes that this approach to unlocking the Scriptures – and the Words of Jesus in particular -– is not just another niche fad, but rather is the essential key for a life-long journey of discovery which will not disappoint.  In this book, he takes several narratives from the Gospels and explains them in terms of their Jewish cultural and historical context, synthesising insights from major figures in the Messianic Movement in order to expose the rich seam of significance contained within. The use of extra-biblical sources, such as the Talmud, gives the book an added dimension. Both the humble Gentile and the curious Jew, even as novice inquirers, can benefit from this book. The chapters are all “stand alone,” so they can be dipped into at any point.



“Russ Constant has embarked on a life-changing adventure by delving into the foundations of our Christian faith and excavating gems of gold lying deep in the soil of Judaism. His painstaking research and ability to relate that research to a Gentile Christian context is worthy of our close attention and will enlighten our understanding of Scripture. The insights he has gained and synthesized into this book will greatly reward the reader and especially those of us who try to expound the meaning of Scripture for today.”

 Pastor Graham Poland

“I couldn’t put it down — so many wonderful insights and, if I might say so, superbly put together and written.” 

Dick Chammings, church elder, former headteacher 

“When reading this book, I kept thinking about when the apostle Paul said that  ‘..we see darkly through a glass…’ and I realized after reading this book, just how much ‘light’ we are all missing out on!”

Debbie Passmore, mother, wife, and child-therapist, UK



  1. Good Eye, Bad Eye
  2. Authority—Jewish Style!
  3. Right Festival—Wrong Order!
  4. 70x7 – Just a Big Number?
  5. Right Name – Wrong Nature
  6. Spit: Spiritual DNA
  7. A Harsh Saying?
  8. What’s Special about the Third Day?
  9. The Yoke of Heaven
  10. The Woman Caught in Adultery: A Let Off?
  11. Unforgivably Unrepeatable
  12. Yeshua the Recycler
  13. The Rich Man and Lazarus: Parable or Literal?

Appendix A: Chiasms

Appendix B: A Word about Jewish Sources

Appendix C: The (First and) Last Word


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