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Messianic Judaism Class, Student Book

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Is God tugging your heart to learn more about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and the Jewishness of the Bible? This is a class that will cover all the basics while also feeding and blessing your soul.

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This course is mostly written by Rabbi Jim Appel who has been teaching it at his Messianic synagogue in ongoing Tuesday night, two-hour sessions for nearly two decades. There are many astounding revelations and "Aha!" moments for the students. Your attitude toward your Savior and His Word will never be the same after studying this material!

Jesus is Jewish. His heart language is Hebrew. His original, Hebrew Name is Yeshua. Most of the disciples and most of the first 8000 believers were Jewish. Apostle Paul (Rabbi Sha’ul) was Jewish. Therefore, learning more about Jewish thought and Biblical, Jewish beliefs is not just an interesting, intellectual endeavor, it is vital to our growth in the Lord! It brings a depth and richness to our faith and to our understanding of Scripture which we cannot acquire any other way. After you learn these truths that up to now were hidden from you, you will wonder how you ever lived without this deep, meaningful part of your life before.

Press Release for the Messianic Judaism Class Book

Rabbi Jim teaches this course year round in a small group setting. When he finishes the book he starts over. People are allowed to join at any time and continue until they get through all the information. He teaches in an exciting way, letting the students discover the answers from the Scriptures given. If they can’t see the answer right there in front of them due to past indoctrination, such as, Replacement Theology, Rabbi Jim has them read the Scripture again and gently points out to them what they are not seeing. Their responses are often gasps of amazement. May the Lord bless you with many such moments of wonder.

Rabbi Jim runs the class like a home group meeting, starting with everyone telling about their week and then singing a few songs together. He ends the lessons by asking for prayer requests and having the group pray together. The course can take up to six months this way, but the students love it and usually form strong bonds with each other. New people are joining the class all the time. Once they start, they don’t want to miss. Many have been known to take the course two or three times because they love it so much and feel they can glean so much more each time.


 For this course, there is a Student Book, a Teacher Book, and five Answer Books, one for each unit of the course. The Answer books have the answers to all the questions in the Student Book plus other information covered.  Each Answer Book also has a test at the end. Rabbi Jim gives take-home, open-book tests that must be done to pass the course.

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About the authors

Rabbi Jim’s Jewish parents were atheists who taught him that organized religion deceived and oppressed people. His search for spiritual reality began in drugs and yoga, but ended with a dramatic encounter with the Messiah, Yeshua, in his bedroom in 1977.

Before becoming the Messianic Rabbi of Congregation Shema Yisrael in 1996, Jim worked for Xerox Corporation for 24 years as an optical engineer and manager.  He has a master’s degree in physics and holds more than 45 patents in copier imaging systems and laser printing.

Rabbi Jim shepherds his flock with gentle, inviting, easy-to-understand, yet profound teachings—always with personal, spiritual application. He has been teaching this Messianic Judaism class every Tuesday evening for more than 16 years to whomever is interested. There are hundreds of people whose lives are now enriched because of it. Rabbi Jim and his wife, Diane, live in Rochester, NY. They have two grown children.

Jonathan Bernis is the well-known Messianic Rabbi who in 1993 started the amazing outreaches to Jewish people in Russia called “Hear O Israel, Festivals of Jewish Music and Dance” which have brought tens of thousands of people all around the world to Yeshua. Before that he founded Congregation Shema Yisrael. He can now be seen on his TV and online program, “Jewish Voice” out of Pheonix, Arizona.

David Levine succeeded Jonathan Bernis as Rabbi of Congregation Shema Yisrael. Later he helped plant many Messianic Congregations in Russia. He now leads Beth Israel Messianic Synagogue in Jacksonville, Florida.

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis first wrote and taught this as a weekend course. Then Rabbi David taught it for three years, re-working the curriculum. Since Rabbi Jim took it over in 1996, it has gradually grown into a much longer, weekly class.


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