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   I SURVIVED THE HOLOCAUST My Life in Poetry (and art). Poems and artwork express what it was like for six year old Renate living through the bombing and the hiding of WWII and then all the sorrow and confusion in the war-torn aftermath. Late in life, the poet writes about coming to know her Jewish Messiah in a deeper way. Regular price $13.00. Buy it here for $5.95


 There is no Love greater than this. You have never seen any other that compares. This Love satisfies to the deepest core of your being. It took Him three days to show the endless depth and all conquering power of His Love. Regular price $9.95.   Buy it here for only $4.85!


  Healing for Your Fractured Soul. A simple, short Bible study that has helped to bring many to freedom from deep inner pain and old wounds. Regular price $12.95.  Buy it here for $4.95


 God's Plan for Ishmael   God named Ishmael and had special plans for him and his descendants. Scriptures show God’s tender heart toward them and special plans and prophecies concerning them. Regular price $10.99.  Buy it here for $3.84


  The Word of God Made Plain. A powerful devotional that gives a daily injection of the powerful life-changing Truths in the Bible that will ignite you into action and give your faith a blast off!! Regular price $19.95.   Buy it here for $9.95


  Personal Finances Personal Freedom.  This book is being used to teach finance classes in churches to help people find financial freedom!!  Regular price $14.95.   Buy it here for  $6.95


  SOLD OUT! Not many have been hurt by a church more than Carol DuPre’ has.  Her artfully crafted, impactful vignettes reveal the raw, painful story. $8.95


 Lorna's story is genuine with warts and all. She was not a perfect when suddenly plunged into single motherhood. She stumbled under the stress just like you and I do, yet God was faithful. Regular price $12.75.   Buy it here for only $4.95!


 Discover what it is like to live in Jerusalem where the ancient and the modern meet. Where Bible prophecy comes alive, making your whole being tingle in awe. Regular price $14.95.   Buy it here for only $4.95!


 Come to the arms of Jesus. Drink from His healing fountain and find your heart softening and able to receive love again. Regular price $12.50.   Buy it here for only $5.95!


 Marla's anxiety attacks came to a head when she heard the word "tumor" referring to her precious little daughter. Read her story in devotional form. Regular price $12.95.   Buy it here for only $5.25!



 The tall, dreaded Cossack soldiers roaming around were feared by all in Faygala’s Russian, Jewish village. They had come before and stole and destroyed almost everything. They could do it again at any time.  Novelette based on a true story. The OLD, FIRST edition. Regular price $10.45.   Buy it here for only $2.00 plus shipping.


 The job wasn't easy.  Her heart ached for how her special needs students were treated at school and for what they suffered in their home lives. These copies are signed by the author! Regular price $17.95.   Buy it here for only $5.25!


 Vegan Cooking with Over 60 Gluten Free Recipes, first edition. Beautiful photos with each recipe. Regular price $21.95.   Buy it here for only $7.95


 101 delightful devotions to brighten your day with your child! Insights that have worked for two generations. Regular price $15.95.   Buy it here for only $6.95








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